How it Works!


How Does the Pupu Cooler Keep My Pupus Fresh?




The Pupu Cooler is an innovative product that is both stylish and functional. This re-freezable cooler is filled with non-toxic gel ice and insulated with foam. Simply freeze the entire cooler overnight to keep foods cold for hours- indoors or out.






Pupu Cooler Design - Front





Double-walled structure provides maximum coldness,deflects external heat, and prevents condensation.

Pupu Cooler Design - Back and Top





Lids and serving utensils are conveniently stored in holders to make serving easy and hassle-free.

Pupu Cooler Design - Bottom

Contoured handles make carrying easy and a personal label is provided.

For best results with your Pupu Cooler.


Freeze right-side up for 24 hours before using, avoid industrial freezers.


Store in freezer so it's always ready-to-use.


Keep under shade when using outdoors.


WARNING: Do not remove round caps, as they may pose a choking hazard.

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